„Whale“ is a garden watering can, which eases the filling and the use when fully filled. Controlled pouring is still possible and the wrists are protected from unpleasant movements by a rotating mechanism between the handle and the jug. The process of using watering cans is simplified.

A central problem in using the watering can is the very uncomfortable turning movement of the wrist when tilting the full can.

Especially with larger filling quantities and weight shifts during pouring, the wrist is stressed beyond its natural dimension. This can only be avoided by keeping the arm in a constant position during pouring and the smallest possible spout angle.

The main handle is fixed through the base plate in the centre of the bottom of the jug and is freely rotatable. It can be clamped on the guide handle by a mechanism and then be uplifted after. The jugs angle of rotation is adapted to the angle of the spout.

The handle no longer disturbs during the filling process. Furthermore this allows the jug to be emptied completely with one hand and without changing the arm position. It stays close to the body, saves energy and targeted pouring is made possible.

The simple mechanism therefore makes full filling and complete emptying easier and thus completely optimizes the process of using watering cans.


The Design-Model was completely made of paper due to the task of rapide prototyping. It has been reinforced in some areas by thicker cardboard. A scaled 3d model made the prototyping possible. The handle is made of wood and was covered with a black vinyl foil.

On the bottom you can see how the construction in production could possibly be made.

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