„Cut“ is a product family consisting of three different sized food and household storage boxes. These are designed for a packaging-free purchasing and delivery concept to minimize packaging waste.

The concept was developed for the suiss Start-up „Lyfa“.

„lyfa“ delivers various food and household products directly to your home without any plastic packaging. The aim is to make sustainable shopping easier.

The purchase comes in reusable boxes which are used in a deposit system.

The task was to design new delivery containers. The process took place in a strong exchange with the two start-up founders.

The many specifications that the containers should meet due to their versatile use made it fun to work on. The entire process, from transport to storage, had to be analyzed and worked through step by step.

The boxes come in three different sizes, which are adapted to the products and product quantities offered by „lyfa“.

The boxes can be stacked at equal heights with or without lids, making them ideal for storage, delivery and storage at home.

There is a small cut in one corner which, together with the subtle „lyfa“ logo, creates a discreet but unique branding. At the same time, the spot serves as a grip surface to completely remove the lid. By pressing it in, a small opening is created which allows controlled emptying.

A washable stamp indicates the contents and durability of the products.

The used material is a recycled polyethylene. Through the deposit system, the packaging always returns to „lyfa“ and can be recycled according to type.

Ideally, no new material needs to be added after a one-time production. A product cycle is created.

In order to show the functionality, the three different sizes have been cintered.

The stackability and the function of the closure should thus be additionally clarified.

The project was exhibited at the „Einblick“ exhibition at HGK FHNW Basel.  

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