The app is designed to convert users from the mindset of Consumer Behaviours and the attitudes that come with that, towards a Circular Economy with a socio-psychological way of thinking.

The user will receive notifications and can take advantage of the Circular Economy, by adapting the app to suit their personal preferences.

„The circular economy is a model of production and consumption, which involves sharing, leasing, reusing, repairing, refurbishing and recycling existing materials and products as long as possible. In this way, the life cycle of products and material is extended.“(European Parliament) Local recycling brings huge political, economical and individual advantages.

Conversion and adaptation to the Circular Economy is not only a must, as the current economic system is unsustainable for the environment in the long run, but also a profitable step.

The main problem is that most people have never heard of the circular economy. The whole range of potential is unknown to most people.

Four methods have been identified to change behaviour as fast and far reaching as possible. Additionally an Interview with Prof. Dr. Kaminski, professor for social psychology at Hochschule München took place.

These methods are based on Social Psychological Phenomenas with which the human, as a social being can be influenced. The result is a nudging strategy, which means that the users behaviour is influenced positively and sustainably without prohibitions.

showing the advantages

From a purely rational point of view, a change in behaviour only makes sense if it has its advantages.

The user should be made aware of alternatives to previous actions in his or her area of interest. By pointing out these advantages, the environmental respect is maximised.

social comparison

The social environment is the biggest influence to how someone would act or how they would think. (Social provenness)

A map showing existing „circular“ shops, jobs etc. in the surrounding area creates a closer connection to the neighbourhood, encourages reflection on one‘s own behaviour and positively influences changes in attitudes.

change the image

An individuals own opinion is greatly influenced by role models with whom they can relate to and whose actions they  approve of.

By explaining the individual areas of the Circular Economy and showing their advantages, the interest for the Circular Economy should grow and the  bad image of sustainability gets remedied.

make it easy

The human being is a creature of habit, reluctant to deviate from the comfort zone or to change habits. However, if this it to be achieved, the process should be simplified.

With a questionnaire that asks for habits, attitudes and behaviour, a personal profile is created. Personalized information and suggestions of the app eliminate stressors that normally occur.

A usecase is showed below.

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